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Quality patient care is a phone call away. Accepting new patients with Medicare Advantage.

Physicians near you with a full suite of medical services in one location including dental services and tests.

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Mon-Fri: 8AM-5AM

Sat-Sun: closed

Physicians Focused on You and Building a Relationship

  • Spend more time with your primary care provider​
  • Receive same-day urgent care with people who know you​
  • Personalized preventative and chronic care management​
  • Personalized preventative and chronic care management​
  • Medicare Advantage primary care that exceeds expectations​

Our Providers

Dr. Beth Yedwab Oliver, MD

Beth Yedwab Oliver, MD

Primary Care

Dr. Lawrence Campo, MD

Lawrence J.Campo, MD

Primary Care

Linda Jean, M.D

Linda Jean, M.D.

Primary Care

Joe Geffen, D.O

Joseph Geffen, DO

Primary Care

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Insurance We Accept

VIPcare works with many Medicine Advantage insurance
providers. We can work with you to sort out what benefits your plan include and how to get you set up for an appointment with one of our doctors. Call us today or setup an appointment online online so we can help get you into the office and on the office and on the road to Better Health.

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