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Diana Roman, M.D.

Internal Medicine




  • University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


5 years



About Dr.

Dr. Roman was born in the United States but spent 8 years living in Columbia. She says her time volunteering in a hospital during high school is the experience that opened her eyes to just how big of an issue poverty and the lack of adequate healthcare can be.

Dr. Roman studied chemistry upon moving back to the U.S. After realizing she prefers more face-to-face interaction over being behind a lab desk, she decided to pursue medicine and found her calling in the honor of helping patients along the road to Better Health, guiding them through good times and bad.

In her spare time, Dr. Roman loves to spend time with her husband and two children. She has recently picked up on interior decorating, and cultivating her green thumb by getting into gardening is next on her list of hobbies.

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