Elias Banuelos, MD


Elias Banuelos, MD is originally from Los Angeles, California. Dr. Banuelos attended California State University at Northridge and graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, CA. He completed his residency at San Jose Medical Center in San Jose, CA.

He has practiced in a variety of settings from Naval Hospital in Pensacola to starting his own practice in Milton FL. Dr. Banuelos has devoted his career to helping others. He draws his inspiration to be in medicine from his childhood family physician.

In his spare time, Dr. Banuelos enjoys camping and spending time with his wonderful wife Jennifer and six children. Currently Dr. Banuelos and his family have three dogs, one cat, chickens and ducks.

Dr. Banuelos thanks you for choosing VIPcare as your Medical Home. He looks forward to meeting you and your family and appreciates the opportunity to make a positive impact on your health!


Health does not just happen;
it must be actively pursued.

  1. Partner with a great doctor and medical team. A medical team actively engaged and interested in maintaining your health is key.
  2. See your medical team when you are healthy. "Sick-care" is the old way, but "Health-care" is the new way.
  3. Pursue an active/healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be an adventure - new activities, new recipes and even new friends!


About VIPcare

  • Partner with an excellent medical team
  • See your medical team when you are well too
  • Pursue an active/healthy lifestyle


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