Dr. Richard Paul was born in New Haven, Connecticut. At a very early age, he became interested in becoming a doctor and scientist, as he was fascinated by the opportunity to one day make a difference in the never ending growth of medical knowledge.

He attended the University of Miami, and then received early admittance to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona, where he graduated. His residency was at a Rutgers Affiliated Hospital and his fellowships were at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York and Harvard University School of Medicine in Boston.

Dr. Paul has practiced medicine in New Jersey and Florida. He has been honored with awards in internal medicine and diabetes. As well as being a member of medical societies, he has taught at Temple University and Columbia School of Medicine.

Dr. Paul and his wife, Diane, have five wonderful children - two boys and three girls. Their adult children are active in a variety of careers that serve the community, ranging from doctor, sheep farmer, medical marketing and advertising, nurse, and homeless program director.

In his spare time, Dr. Paul loves music, boating, traveling with Diane and visiting their children. Their other family member is a yellow Lab named Daisy.

Dr. Paul thanks you for choosing VIPcare as your medical home!


Health does not just happen;
it must be actively pursued.

  1. Partner with a great doctor and medical team. A medical team actively engaged and interested in maintaining your health is key.
  2. See your medical team when you are healthy. "Sick-care" is the old way, but "Health-care" is the new way.
  3. Pursue an active/healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be an adventure - new activities, new recipes and even new friends!


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  • Partner with an excellent medical team
  • See your medical team when you are well too
  • Pursue an active/healthy lifestyle


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