Our Work

We are a group of passionate healthcare professionals who believe there’s a better way to practice medicine. We see a future where preventative medicine is valued over the traditional approach, what we refer to as “sick” care. We thrive on seeing our patients healthy, not sick.

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Our Mission

We care. This is personal to us. Our mission is to convey that message in every exchange, at every level of our organization. We strive to break down the status quo of healthcare, creating a new standard of care for people.

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Our History

VIPcare has been serving the medical needs of Medicare and Medicare Advantage beneficiaries since 2006. We pride ourselves on our practice of comprehensive preventive medicine and on our attentive and capable physicians and care team.

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Our Focus

We believe that each patient is unique, and in order to best care for each individual, our providers spend quality time with each patient. This allows our physicians to properly diagnose and treat our patients on their journey to Better Health.

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Our Team

VIPcare has been growing since 2006! Every member of our team shares our core values and believes in extreme ownership. While we have over 100 clinics across multiple states, we consider ourselves one team, one community, with one purpose. We are always looking for compassionate providers and caregivers that want to support our mission of Better Health.

Why VIPcare

160+ convenient locations
More time with the doctor at every appointment
Same-day urgent care availability
Preventative and chronic care management
Medicare Advantage primary care that goes above and beyond
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