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Our lab specialists provide accurate, reliable, and fast test results 24/7. We offer a whole spectrum of diagnostic testing which can help you monitor your own health. A blood draw can be used to diagnose, prevent, or treat medical illnesses. If we don’t perform the lab in-house, we work closely with external labs to offer you quick and accurate results.

An electrocardiogram (also known as EKG and ECG) checks for problems with the electrical activity of the heart. An electrocardiogram is performed for the following reasons: to evaluate possible symptoms of heart disease, to determine the cause of unexplained chest pressure or pain, to monitor mechanical devices implanted in the heart in order to make sure they are working effectively, to evaluate medication effectiveness for side effects might affect the heart, to check the health of the heart when other conditions or disease are present, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

An echocardiogram is a cardiac ultrasound that helps you evaluate the condition of your heart. This diagnostic test creates a detailed heart image that detects any abnormalities you might have in your structure.

A Venous Doppler diagnostic test is an ultrasound that creates a picture of your blood flow by using sound waves. During the test, our specialists will apply gel over the extremity that needs to be examined and a small device that produces sound waves will be pushed against the skin to record the images. This test is commonly used for people with varicose veins and in order to search for blood clots.

An Arterial Doppler Ultrasound bounces high-frequency sound waves of circulating blood cells in order to estimate the blood flow through your blood vessels. This test can help diagnose poorly functioning valves, circulation problems, blood clots, and blocked arteries. The test generally takes less than an hour and is noninvasive.

An abdominal ultrasound makes an image of the organs in the abdomen, including the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, and liver. During this test, you will be lying down, but you might need to change position so our specialist can look at different areas. The test takes less than 30 minutes most of the time.

An exceedingly frequent complaint is joint pain felt in the hips, knees, and shoulders and it can be caused by a number of factors. A joint injection can potentially allow the patient to live a more active lifestyle by relieving some or all of the joint pain.

Minor skin procedures include treating a previously biopsied mole or suspicious skin mark, repairing skin wounds that require sterile cleaning and stitches, and removing moles and skin tags for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons. VIPcare’s doctors can perform minor skin procedures in our offices under sterile conditions and control the possible pain by providing local anesthetic.

Around 1 million people in the United States suffer from poor cholesterol management. Our team has been successfully monitoring and treating these issues for many years. We can also help you identify and change your nutritional habits and exercise regimes in an effort to control your cholesterol levels.

Diabetes is a condition that you can’t treat on your own. Our doctors will help you in managing your diabetes. There are several types of treatment available that will help you treat and manage your diabetes. Treatment will vary depending on your own individual needs because everyone is different.

At VIPcare, we offer a personalized approach to diabetes care to help you manage the condition better over the long term. We offer comprehensive diabetes classes to learn healthy lifestyle habits like nutrition counseling, fitness, and cooking classes.

For osteoporosis management, treatment recommendations are often based on information such as the bone density test that estimates your risk of breaking a bone in the next 10 years. Treatment might focus on modifying your risk factors for falls, including medication and a deep dive into your current routines.

At VIPcare, we offer Influenza, Pneumococcal, and Tetanus Toxoid vaccinations. Schedule an appointment with our doctors to talk about the vaccines you may need and when to get vaccinated.

A pulmonary function test (PFT) is a test that is noninvasive and shows how well the lungs are working. This test helps our specialist in diagnosing and deciding on the treatment of certain lung disorders.

A nebulizer is used if you have COPD, asthma, or another lung disease. It is a machine that turns liquid medicine into a mist that you inhale through a connected mouthpiece. You take deep breaths for 10 to 15 minutes so the medicine can get into your lungs, opening air pathways and increasing oxygen intake.

Oxygen treatment provides you with extra oxygen, a gas that your body needs in order to function. Although you normally absorb it when you breathe, some conditions like pneumonia, an asthma attack, heart failure, etc. can prevent you from getting enough oxygen. Oxygen treatment can reduce symptoms like swollen ankles, fatigue, irritability, and headaches.

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