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Better Care

  • Non-corporate environment
  • Physician-led primary care, doctors get to doctor
  • Autonomy to care how you want

Better Outcomes

  • Smaller panel size = More time to care for patients
  • Focus on quality not quantity
  • Prevention mindset leads to Better Health

Better Health

  • Access to top resources and tools
  • Unending support
  • Empowered to achieve Better Health, earning better rewards
Better Rewards
  • Are you ready to rekindle your joy in practicing medicine? Of course you are! You didn’t become a doctor to do business and crunch numbers or file papers, you did it to help people. Now’s the time to start practicing medicine the way you always envisioned it to be and leave the “business” part of medicine to us at VIPcare!
  • VIPcare is a quality-based healthcare organization that’s creating Better Health for our patients by focusing on prevention and maintenance. Our proactive outreach to our most fragile and at-risk patients, same day urgent appointments, and transitional care management. Our doctors typically see 12 – 15 patients a day, Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm, with a capped panel around 600 patients.
  • With VIPcare, there’s no more burnout. You get the time and resources you need.
  • At VIPcare, our team members come first! We appreciate every member and invest in them and the incredible value they bring to the team. Our commitment, our passion, and our culture set us apart from others and are the cornerstone of everything we do. Our team settles for nothing less than 5-star service! We take great care of our team so they can take great care of our patients and achieve: Better Care. Better Outcomes. Better Health.

Better Experience

At VIPcare, we provide a better experience for our providers. Here, it’s about quality, not quantity. We entrust our physicians with the autonomy to do what’s best for their patients. We want our physicians to be the doctors they went to medical school to be!

Better Health

At VIPcare, we love hearing from our patients and finding out their experience with us. When we read our patient testimonials and the great things they have to say about our providers and care, it lets us know we’re succeeding at our mission to deliver great health care and that our physicians are truly making a difference. Don’t you want to hear how you’ve impacted your patients’ lives and improved their health? These could be your patient’s words saying how great you are. Wouldn’t that put a smile on your face and make you feel great? Because that’s exactly what it does for us.

“Our son died about a year and a half ago at 54 unexpectedly, and Dr. Frederiks just gave her an inordinate amount of time to counsel with her…”

“I’m 78 years old, and I feel younger. And I feel like [Dr. Frederiks] is a big part of it, helping me get through the problems I had.” – Michael F.

“They call me all the time. They’re concerned about me. They’re like family.” – Astrid F.

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