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What Our Patients Think

We’re committed to providing you with the care you deserve. See how our patients say we’re helping them along the road to Better Health.

Caring to Listen

You might be used to spending 10 or 15 minutes with your doctor. At VIPcare, we believe quality time is the key to quality care.

Our providers spend up to an hour with each patient, ensuring you have enough time to discuss every problem or question you might have.

“It wasn’t just about getting you in, getting you out. I want to talk to you. I want to find out what’s going on with you. ” – Ed T.


“Our son died about a year and a half ago at 54 unexpectedly, and Dr. Frederiks just gave her an inordinate amount of time to counsel with her…”

“The doctors, they care. You get an X-ray or something, they call you, ‘How did you make out, this, that, and the other. They’re right on it.” -Dan D.

“My husband would tell [the doctor] a few jokes and I would complain about him and we’d laugh about things and we’d get down to business.” -Pat P.

“We really felt like personal friends, so I really appreciate that aspect. You don’t get that from very many doctors.” – Louise L.

Healthy Together

When you become part of the VIPcare family, you won’t be tackling your health journey alone. This is a partnership for Better Health.

Our health care providers and support staff will be with you every step of the way. With longer appointment times you’ll get a better working relationship with your doctor, which can translate to more thorough and effective care.

“I had an emergency 2 years ago, and they have a nurse on call. She listened to me, then got me to the emergency room, then to the hospital.” -Linda T.

“They call me all the time. They’re concerned about me. They’re like family.” – Astrid F.

“We sparred some because I’m a retired RN, so I’m not the best patient in the world. But we always came to some agreement on stuff.” – Antoinette C.

“Dr. Frederiks is wonderful. She makes you feel very comfortable. She allows you the freedom to express yourself, and I think helps with the diagnosis. And she’s just a warm and genuine person.” – Linda P.

Better Health

We want to help you get healthy and stay healthy. No more visiting the doctor only when you’re sick. We want to see our patients often so we can identify any issues before they become big problems.

Comprehensive preventative healthcare is what we’re all about. Work towards a healthier you with the help of the professionals at VIPcare

“You call up and you get an appointment, you get an answer, and you get someone who seems to genuinely care about you.” -Linda T.

“My husband was on a lot of pain medication, like 120mg of morphine when we came to her. And he takes nothing now for pain.” -Pat P.

“I’m 78 years old, and I feel younger. And I feel like [Dr. Frederiks] is a big part of it, helping me get through the problems I had.” – Michael F.

“I love the fact that every time I come here, even if I’m a fit-in appointment and I call for an emergency… it’s on time.” – Ed T.

“She eliminated 5 doctors for me, and she took care of everything that was aching from head to toe.” – Daniel P.

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