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Meet Dr. Elias Banuelos

Meet Dr. Elias Banuelos

Our providers and supportive care teams make VIPcare who we are. They take the time to get to know patients and truly provide them with the care they deserve. Dr. Elias Banuelos from our primary care clinic in Milton is definitely one of our providers that goes out of his way to get to know his patients and to make them feel comfortable. He delivers nothing but 5-star care.

Dr. Banuelos is a board-certified primary care physician specializing in family medicine. He has over 22 years of experience and brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to VIPcare.

Who is Dr. Elias Banuelos?

Growing up, it was Dr. Banuelos’s (or Dr. B as many patients call him) family physician that made quite an impression on him and played a significant role in driving him down a career path in medicine.

“As a child, one of the memories I have is that our family doctor took care of all of us,” he said. “He was very pleasant, and everyone spoke highly of him. I thought that is someone I could emulate someday.”

And that’s precisely what he did. Originally from California, Dr. B earned his medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine and completed his residency in Family Medicine at San Jose Medical Center in San Jose, CA.

Throughout his career, Dr. Banuelos has practiced in various medical settings, including hospital and private practice. He eventually migrated to Florida, where he settled in Milton, and opened a private practice before joining VIPcare.

But regardless of what setting he was in, there was always one thing that Dr. Banuelos focused on – his patients.

“It’s my job to take care of them as a doctor,” he said, “but I really enjoy learning some more about them, like their family, what they do. It’s those small moments that make it special.”

The Transition from Quantity to Quality

In his early days of practicing medicine, he experienced firsthand how it was a numbers game, and the goal was to see as many patients as possible. However, he’s quick to point out just how much it’s changed.

“We’ve reduced the number of patients we see per day, so they get more attention,” he said. “Medicare is realizing they are getting better outcomes when their doctors are slowing down and spending more time with the patients. It’s a large improvement from what medicine used to be.”

As a resident of Milton, Dr. B tries to fit in and take advantage of all it has to offer, including the outdoors. In his free time, he enjoys boating, camping, cycling, and restoring old vehicles.

“Some of the best experiences are sharing some of those things with patients,” he said. “Talking about gardening or how to fix something or even just what they do in their free time.”

Learn more about Dr. Banuelos HERE. 

Providing 5-Star Primary Care Service

At VIPcare, we specialize in geriatric care for Medicare Advantage patients. And it’s always our top priority to provide you with great health care that leads to Better Health. We pride ourselves on providing you with providers who care and will always put your health first, such as Dr. Banuelos in Milton. It’s because of our providers’ diverse specialties that we’re able to provide you with specialized care built around you and your needs.

Come Meet Dr. Elias Banuelos at VIPcare Milton

Visit Dr. Banuelos at VIPcare Milton and see just how great he is. He is currently accepting new Medicare Advantage patients and can’t wait to meet and join you on your journey to Better Health. Schedule an appointment with him today by calling 850-783-4611. If you live outside the Milton region, CLICK HERE to find a VIPcare provider near you.