Meet Dr. Hoa Le

Meet Dr. Hoa Le

We have some exciting news to share with you from VIPcare. We are proud to introduce you to one of the newest members of our health care team, Dr. Hoa Le. Dr. Le has joined our VIPcare family at one of our newest clinic locations in Pinellas Park.

Dr. Le comes to VIPcare with lots of experience and passion caring for his patients. “I want my patients to feel connected, understood, and that they can rely on someone for their health care needs,” he said.”

Who is Dr. Hoa Le?

One could say, Dr. Le was born a fighter in Nha Trang, Vietnam, towards the end of the Vietnam War. He was delivered in an abandoned hospital with no doctors or nurses available. Yet, as a premature infant, he defied the odds and survived with no intensive care unit. It’s this passed-down memory that Dr. Le credits for him wanting to study medicine.

“In 1990, we relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as refugees,” he said. “There, I attended high school, continued my education, and received a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania and decided to dedicate my life to becoming a doctor, one that understands the hardships and struggles of patients in need.”

Dr. Le grew up in a small idyllic city in Vietnam called Bien Hoa. At that time, Vietnam was strongly influenced by Confucius ideas, whereas America was the leader of the free world. Therefore, relocating to the states was a major adjustment for him. He not only had to learn a new language, but he had to adjust to the cultural change as well.

“It was so exciting to learn about America, to be a part of the fabric of society, to contribute and to receive,” he recalled. “This experience encouraged me to be flexible and understanding of the people that I’m working with. When I talk to people, I try to look beyond our superficial differences and to connect at a deeper level.”

A Desire to Give Back

Whenever discussing his past, Dr. Le is very quick to point out that he received a lot of support and help growing up and becoming a doctor. Those experiences helped shape Dr. Le into the caring physician and individual he is today. It’s his goal to give back and do what he can to help others.

“I personally learn so much from my elderly patients,” he said. “They have given tips in raising my children and how to better take care of myself for the long run. I’d like to give back, helping my patients achieve a happy and healthy life in their later years.”

Dr. Le is excited to be teaming up with VIPcare in Pinellas Park. Bilingual services in English and Vietnamese are available, helping to make his patients feel at home. Dr. Le is ready to join you on your path to Better Health.

“My life has been a wonderful experience,” he said. “To be able to come and live in America and become a doctor, taking care of the elderly is a dream come true, and I feel very blessed.”

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Providing 5 Star Primary Care Service

At VIPcare, we not only provide you with great health care, but we help you achieve Better Health. We pride ourselves on providing you with providers who care and always put your health and needs first, such as Dr. Le in Pinellas Park. Our providers’ specialties make it possible to provide you with specialized care that is built just for you!

Come Meet Dr. Hoa Le at VIPcare Pinellas Park

Join us in welcoming Dr. Hoa Le to VIPcare Pinellas Park. Schedule an appointment with him today and see just how great he is. He is currently accepting new Medicare Advantage patients; call 727-351-0099. If you live outside St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Park region, CLICK HERE to find a VIPcare provider near you.