Meet Dr. Hoa Le

Meet Dr. Hoa Le

We have another doctor coming up on their one-year anniversary as part of the VIPcare family, Dr. Hoa Le of Pinellas Park. Dr. Le has brightened the lives of his patients and team with his infectious personality.

Liked by all, Dr. Le is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors you will ever meet. He always puts his patients’ needs first and strives to deliver the best possible care.

“I want my patients to feel connected, understood, and that they can rely on someone for their healthcare needs,” he said.”

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Who is Dr. Hoa Le?

Dr. Le grew up in a small town in Vietnam. At that time, Confucianism strongly influenced Vietnam. So, when he and his family relocated to Pennsylvania as refugees, there was definitely a culture shock.

“I had to learn the new language and adjust to a big difference in culture,” he said. “But truth be told, I really enjoyed this change. It was so exciting to learn about America, to be a part of the fabric of society, to contribute, and to receive.”

Being a physician has given Dr. Le the continuing opportunity to contribute to society. It is a position that has allowed him to help others and change lives. Something he is thankful for each day.

“Every day I get up, I am excited and looking forward to taking care of our patients and making a positive change in their lives,” he said. “My life has been a wonderful experience. To be able to come and live in America and become a doctor… it’s a dream come true, and I feel very blessed.”

And even though Dr. Le trained to care for all ages, the senior population truly has his interest.

“I feel like they have so much to offer in terms of their life experiences and the lessons that they are able to give to me,” he said. “I personally learn so much from my elderly patients.  They have given me tips on raising my children and how to better take care of myself for the long run.”

Making that Connection

To Dr. Le, doctor and patient communication is key to Better Health and is something he strongly focuses on.

“I actively find ways to integrate aspects of mental health in the daily practice of family medicine,” he said. “Brief counseling and deep interpersonal connection between patient and doctor enable patients to open up and let the doctors know what truly bothers them.”

Dr. Le is excited to be part of the VIPcare family in Pinellas Park. Bilingual services in English and Vietnamese are available, helping to make his patients feel at home.

“I am impressed at the dedication and the available resources VIPcare is willing to invest in the Pinellas Park community,” he said, “and I truly want to be a part of that transformation.”

Providing 5-Star Primary Care Service

At VIPcare, we specialize in geriatric primary care for Medicare Advantage patients. We provide specialized care that leads to Better Health. No two patients are the same, so no two patients should be treated and cared for the same. Using a value-based healthcare model, we put our focus on preventative care. Our goal is to get our patients healthy and to keep them healthy.

Come Meet Dr. Hoa Le at VIPcare Pinellas Park

Join us in welcoming Dr. Hoa Le to VIPcare Pinellas Park. Schedule an appointment with him today and see just how great he is. He is currently accepting new Medicare Advantage patients; call 727-351-0099. If you live outside St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Park region, use our locations page to find a VIPcare provider near you.

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