Meet Dr. John Wilker

Meet Dr. John Wilker

At VIPcare, our providers are true examples of our mission. They join patients on their healthcare journey and provide compassionate and quality care that leads to Better Health. We’re proud to introduce you to one of our very talented and caring physicians, Dr. John Wilker, from our Windermere primary care clinic.

Dr. Wilker brings over 40 years of experience as a practicing physician specializing in family medicine.

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Who is Dr. John Wilker?

Dr. Wilker has probably done more in his life than many of us will combined. What began as a normal college and career track developed into a path with some significant life turns that led him to a fulfilling medical career.

The decision to go into medicine wasn’t exactly his first career choice. Dr. Wilker began his college studies without any real focus given to medicine. In fact, he earned his master’s in metallurgical engineering, the study of metal production, from Ohio State University. However, during his studies, he soon realized he needed to rethink his decision.

“I figured out after four years that engineering probably wasn’t for me; I was more of a people person,” Dr. Wilker said.

During this time, Dr. Wilker’s wife was experiencing some medical issues. As he supported his wife and stood by her side, he got to witness firsthand just how lacking medical care can be. It was this experience that put the notion of medical school in his head.

“I thought I could probably do this and give her better care than she was getting,” he said. “And when I found out the Navy would put me through medical school, it was a pretty easy decision.

So, as a member of the U.S. Army, Dr. John Wilker earned his medical degree from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland. He then came to sunny Florida for his residency at the naval hospital in Jacksonville.

Upon retiring from the Army, Dr. Wilker went into private practice, where he has remained for over 30 years.

Dr. Wilker strives to make his patients feel heard and not feel like they’re just a number.

Providing 5 Star Primary Care Service

At VIPcare, we not only provide you with great health care, but we help you achieve Better Health. We pride ourselves on providing you with providers who care and always put your health and needs first, such as Dr. Wilker in Windermere. Our providers’ specialties make it possible to provide you with specialized care built just for you!

Come Meet Dr. John Wilker at VIPcare Windermere

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wilker today and see just how great he is. He’s currently accepting new Medicare Advantage patients; call 407-743-0351. If you live outside the Windermere region, find a VIPcare provider near you using our locations page.


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