Meet Dr. Leslie Kidd

Meet Dr. Leslie Kidd

We have a new location and new provider to introduce you to. Meet Dr. Leslie Kidd. Dr. Kidd has over 20 years of experience practicing medicine and specializes in internal medicine. She is the primary care provider at one of our newest clinics to open, VIPcare Valrico.

Dr. Kidd joined our team at the end of October and is excited to be establishing her family of patients in the Valrico community.

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Who is Dr. Leslie Kidd?

Dr. Kidd knew she wanted to be a doctor from a young age. Fifteen, to be exact. “I’d always known I wanted to do something in the science field, but I also wanted to work with people,” she said. “Medicine was a great combination of the two.”

Originally from West Virginia, Dr. Kidd attended Marshall University School of Medicine, earning her medical degree. She then moved to Richmond, VA, to complete her residency in internal medicine with a women’s health focus at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System.

“I’ve always been interested in women’s issues, and women’s health goes along with that,” she said. “The interaction of several different fields of medicine was also interesting. The program taught us how to look at medical issues from the perspective of how they present differently in women.”

Dr. Kidd’s medical career has led her down a very comprehensive path. Over the years, she has worked in various medical settings, including primary care, urgent care, community health, and even as a civilian physician contractor with the Army Reserve.

In that role, she was responsible for reviewing soldiers’ records to determine if they were still medically fit to stay in the Army Reserve.

“This involved learning a whole new set of skills and was really interesting,” she said. “My dad also used to be in the Air Force, so doing something for the military was nice.”

The Road to VIPcare

After several years practicing in urgent care and for the Army Reserve, Dr. Kidd was ready to return to primary care.

“It’s impossible to see a patient for 15 minutes and do a good job,” she said. “VIPcare is really a great fit for me because I left primary care for urgent care several years ago due to the time constraints put on me. Being able to take the time to really get to know my patients and their medical issues is a refreshing change.”

Dr. Kidd strives to establish a relationship with her patients. She takes the time to listen and get to know them and their needs. “I do my best to put myself in the patient’s shoes,” she said. “I also see the physician/patient relationship as a partnership.”

When she isn’t practicing medicine, Dr. Kidd can be found spending time with her husband, two sons, two stepdaughters, and their two basset hounds.

Providing 5-Star Primary Care Service

At VIPcare, we not only provide you with great health care, but we help you achieve Better Health. We pride ourselves on providing you with providers who care and always put your health and needs first, such as Dr. Kidd in Valrico. Our providers’ specialties make it possible to provide you with specialized care built just for you!

Come Meet Dr. Kidd at VIPcare Valrico

Join us in welcoming Dr. Leslie Kidd to VIPcare Valrico. Schedule an appointment with her today and see just how great she is. She is currently accepting new Medicare Advantage patients; call 866-926-3831. If you live outside Valrico or the Hillsborough region, find a VIPcare provider near you using our locations page.

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