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Dr. David Hunt

Hunt, D.O.

Primary Care

Hunt, D.O.

Primary Care

VIPcare Belleview is located at 11531 SW Hwy 301. Our primary care clinic is about 0.3 miles north of the Mossy Oaks Antique Mall on the opposite side of the road as St. Theresa Catholic Church. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Get 5 Star Health Care in Belleview

A patient holds the hand of a doctor during a routine checkup.

High-quality health care is always in reach when you visit our Belleview location. Dr. Richard Falkenberg and his team are committed to providing patients with a better experience. With over 38 years of experience, Dr. Falkenberg delivers highly personalized primary care that is centered around quality and not quantity.

Insurance We Accept

VIPcare works with many Medicare Advantage insurance providers. We can work with you to sort out what benefits your plan include and how to get you set up for an appointment with one of our doctors. Call us today or set up an appointment online so we can help get you into the office and on the road to Better Health.


What people say about us

Mary Burmeister 2 months ago
I get in and get out. The Doctor and staff are very friendly. Doctor Falkenberg takes his time to listen.
cindy karl 5 months ago
Dr. Falkenberg is a good listener and i feel comfortable coming to him and his staff. Everyone here is friendly and caring.
Mike Pombier 5 months ago
Great staff and care. This is a doctor that listens and factors the patient's input.
Don Green 6 months ago
Wonderful staff.
Lisa Baster 7 months ago
Great place! There on top of there job in this office 🥰 …
William Dunyan 8 months ago
My doctor is very good. I really like Cheniqua and the office manager they really be on point and answers my questions. The lady up front is good too. Dr. Falkenberg is a great doctor. I love the staff.
Connie Stafford 8 months ago
I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Falkenberg and his staff. Although other staff members have come and gone, Gussie has always been a constant there. She always does an outstanding job of drawing my blood for the labs. She answers …
Mary Glattli-Nix a year ago
Staff is so sweet..and helpful..
Mike Brown a year ago
Awesome staff!!
Chester Watridge a year ago
We love to get our blood drawled here gussies is the best!!
SUE ANDERSON a year ago
Always on time Always explained everything and I never feel”rushed” Has ordered tests being proactive to head off potential problems Very satisfied to have him as my primary
Julie Olmstead a year ago
Short wait, excellent service.
Joel Rosenberg a year ago
The office is always efficient and I feel very comfortable going there.
BettyJ Fabian a year ago
Dr. Faulkenberg is a great doctor.
David Peck a year ago
Everyone here is very nice.
June Dunai a year ago
Very pleasant experience not waiting a long time.
John Hughes a year ago
Everyone is great the doctor stays on top of everything.
John Greiff a year ago
Chelsea is very efficient and always takes care of business.
Mary Donati a year ago
Great doctor
Georgina Zayas a year ago
Fantastic atmosphere. Everyone is nice.
Deborah Jimenez a year ago
I love these people.
Christine Henry a year ago
VIP health care providers are the best in Belleview, keep up the good work, continued success, to Dr. Falkenberg - staff.
Linda Andresen a year ago
He's a good doctor everything is done excellent and on time. Wonderful staff
Tom Lagos a year ago
The service here is very good. Wonderful atmosphere.
Judy Stevens a year ago
The staff is great. Dr. Falkenberg takes good care of me and his staff is amazing. The nurse in the back is always happy, Chelsea is amazing calling you back. And Gussie oh my she should be a 10000 star a wonderful woman.
Edwin Savoy a year ago
Your vampire is a wonderful operator and so is the staff.
gail roe a year ago
Dr.Falkenberg and his staff is amazing. Anything that I need they go over and beyond to assist. The wait time is the best. Chelsea is so nice and kind, everyone there is truly amazing.
Priscilla Berry - Realtor a year ago
Gusie has been a true blessing. She has gone above and beyond to care for my ill father. She truly cares about her patients. My dad called me in Maryland and told me he wasn’t feeling like himself… I called Gusie on a Sunday morning and …
Steve Giersch a year ago
The best.
Joseph Wessling a year ago
Great service
Linzay Henry a year ago
Staff is great.
Dean Gunter a year ago
Dr. Falkenberg's office is efficient, painless, and the wait time is always less than 30 minutes. Great staff.
Donna Dailey-Ciganek a year ago
Gussie great at her job
Diane Waun a year ago
A professional and friendly place
Ron Eller a year ago
StAff is good very friendly
Christine Bitanga a year ago
Dr. Fallen berg is an wonderful doctor he is very knowledgeable. The staff is excellent with returning calls answering questions and getting me in ASAP. Everyone there is pleasant and professional. There was one occasion the office manager went out her way for me.This office deserves a 100.
Jim Mullen a year ago
Fastest and courteous
Wade Ward a year ago
Good stick
Debra Gordillo 4 years ago
He is a very good Dr and helps u with what ever u have. If he can't help he will refer u to a specialist. I love going there also cuz u don't have to wait long to get in to see him. The most time I've waited was maybe 15 mins. Also the staff is very good and takes care of your questions and they r courteous.
Jean Miller 4 years ago
Very friendly office.
timothy fellencer 4 years ago
My Grandfather has seen this Dr for several years. My Grandfather is nearly deaf so I am not only his transportation but I have to listen for details and go back over them with my Grandfather. I have found the office staff to be friendly, a bit frazzled but any dr. office in FL will be that way. They see a LOT of people.
Ida Bach 6 years ago
Dr. Falkenberg is a wonderful and caring dr. His staff is also great. They get back to you with answers to your questions fast and put your mind at ease. I highly recommend this office.

Quality Time, Quality Care

Emphasis on Prevention

VIPcare Belleview offers 5-star health care that puts an emphasis on preventive care. You will never be rushed when visiting VIPcare Belleview. We believe quality healthcare is achieved by providing quality time. By spending more time with his patients, Dr. Falkenberg can get to the root of the problem and treat the cause, not just the symptoms. We don’t just want to get you healthy; we want to keep you healthy so you can put your focus on doing the things you enjoy.

Emphasis on Prevention

A doctor comforts a patient by putting his hand on the patient's.

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