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Dr. Kelly Martinkus, M.D.

Martinkus, M.D.

Primary Care

Dr. Wendy Worsley, MD

Worsley, M.D.

Primary Care

VIPcare Cocoa is conveniently located in the North Point Building complex on U.S. Highway One at 840 North Cocoa Blvd, Suite E-F. We are 4.7 Miles to I-95 via SR 520 Causeway and 2.4 Miles South of SR 528 (Beachline). Our clinic is fluent in Spanish. Se Habla Espanol. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Get 5 Star Health Care in Cocoa

View inside a patient room at VIPcare Cocoa.

Your health is important to us at VIPcare Cocoa. When you entrust us with your health, you can rest assured that you will always receive the highest quality of care. VIPcare primary care physician Dr. Wendy Worsley is an expert in chronic wound care and has helped countless patients by taking a specialized clinical approach that focuses on the patient's individual needs. Dr. Kelly Martinkus is an expert in diabetes education and loves to build partnerships with her patients to help them live their healthiest lives. Dr. Martinkus, as well as several other staff members, are also fluent in Spanish.

Insurance We Accept

VIPcare works with many Medicare Advantage insurance providers. We can work with you to sort out what benefits your plan include and how to get you set up for an appointment with one of our doctors. Call us today or set up an appointment online so we can help get you into the office and on the road to Better Health.


Quality Time, Quality Care

Get the Time You Need

At VIPcare in Cocoa, you are our top priority, and we will always provide you with all the time you need. We firmly believe quality time is the key to quality care. Dr. Worsley and Dr. Martinkus will get to know you on a personal level so they can better diagnose and treat you, helping to get you healthy and keep you healthy.

Get the Time You Need

A look inside the lobby at VIPcare's location in Cocoa, Florida.
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