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Richard Bucco, M.D.

Bucco, M.D.

Primary Care

VIPcare Decatur is conveniently located at 1304 13th Ave SE, Unit C. You’ll find the building across 8th St SE from Decatur Morgan Hospital behind the FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Quality Doctors in Decatur, AL

A patient holds the hand of a doctor during a routine checkup.

Experience top tier care with VIPcare’s doctors in Decatur, AL. Our care team is committed to helping you get and stay healthy by offering specialized preventive medicine to improve your overall wellbeing. You can spend more time with your doctor and create a personal relationship that will help in making your care more thorough and address all aspects of your lifestyle.

Quality Time, Quality Care

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Our physicians approaches involve dedicated time with each patient. During appointments, you will get up to an hour with the doctor to make sure you have the time to ask all the questions you need and engage with the provider beyond what’s in your medical records. Making regular appointments throughout the year enhances that relationship and makes it possible to detect any potential health issues before they become major problems. Start your journey to Better Health today by calling to set up your first appointment.

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

A doctor comforts a patient by putting his hand on the patient's.
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