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Ivette Colon-Reyes, MD

Colon-Reyes, M.D.

Primary Care

Dr. Juan Carlos de los Santos, MD

Juan Carlos
De Los Santos, M.D.

Primary Care

Shabriel Vazquez Ocasio, M.D.

Shabriel Vazquez
Ocasio, M.D.

Primary Care

What people say about us

Rosemarie Lopes 4 months ago
Dr Colon is the best she has such a great attitude always pleasant and most of all she makes me feel so so comfortable. The staff is the best. Great Dr glad I'm seeing her.
Terrance E. Stock 6 months ago
Excellent Professional staff and physician. Totally pleased with the experience!!
Arturo Meneses 8 months ago
Excellent professional and human being, highly recommended. Place is lovely!
Angela Gomez 9 months ago
Great place with wonderful people caring for a community ❤️
Luis Gomez 9 months ago
Doctor Acevedo is very professional, he is very interested in the well-being of his patients.
Dimpna Zenquis 10 months ago
I found this clinic they are so friendly and helpful! I love it!
Vilma Tirado a year ago
A unique experience, all the staff are very friendly and like to help the patient and very courteous and charming
Angel Reyes a year ago
This is Marion Oaks' best clinical! The staff is professional!!! Thank you Vip Health♡
John Casiano a year ago
The Doctor and the Girls a very very good Love
Wife Rodriguez a year ago
The experience was very good, I recommend the place
Carmen Rivas a year ago
This clinic is wonderful, we love the staff. Thank you Vip Health!!!
Sheila Hubbard a year ago
My experience here is amazing the workers were excellent and so professional I will be back.
Claudel Chardonnette a year ago
I was amazed on how well i was treated by Maria and the staff. Dr. Acevedo was very honest and kind and he has a lot of knowledge. I would def recomend going there.
Celina Bebak a year ago
I see the Doctor on time. All person is kind and professional. I suggest everyone for this kind of care.
Ana Ruiz a year ago
Doctor Acevedo is a very honest person, he is very tactful in treating his patients, he is very kind and explicit regarding the patient's condition.
Jacqueline Zayas a year ago
Welcoming and open access . Treats you with passion and family.
Shirley Negron a year ago
Everyone is so nice and professional, very caring people, my father and I loved it! We're so happy to have find this place
ANGEL LUIS ramos a year ago
Hello, this is one of the best clinics that serves the community! Thank you all, you are very kind and professional!!!
Iris Cormell a year ago
I had a lot of FUN talking with Dr. Jorge Gaud. I felt very comfortable at the office. I would definitely recommend this office to everyone in the community.
Ramon Velez a year ago
I am very happy with this clinical, they are professional and very cordial! And Dr. Acevedo is an excellent Dr. Recommended 100%
Angel Rodriguez a year ago
For me it is a pleasure not first visits, the staff and Dr. Acevedo treated me very well. I recommend this clinics! Here I stay!!!
Diane Bustillo Gonzalez a year ago
I received a very positive and friendly welcome as soon as I first entered the door of SaludVIP. All their medical staff treated me like a family member.
Lesbia Cruz a year ago
Very friendly and Dr. ACEVEDO VERY GOOD DR.
iris pagan a year ago
I love the clinic, the staff is great, Dr Acevedo is very good and attentive. Very happy this clinic is in my community.
sue lysdahl a year ago
Very friendly and clean facility. Would recommend to anyone new to the area.
Franklyn Tavarez a year ago
This climate gives excellent treatment. I am very happy with how the nurses and Dr Acevedo treat me. Always grateful.
Peter McDaniel a year ago
SaludVIP Marion oaks office is doing a great job right now all the three receptionists does good work.I feel in good hands with Dr.Acevedo. Thank you
Odannys Febles a year ago
Ana Cordero Post Great service, excellent team. Dr Acevedo is a great doctor and the staff is very good. God bless you!
Carmen Ramos a year ago
I am very satisfied with the entire medical team, because they do a good job. And about Dr. Acevedo, not to mention, tremendous doctor.
Nicolas Delgado a year ago
The staff and the Dr treat me well!! 5 Stars for VIP Health....
Star Herrera a year ago
Dr is the Best the staff are very professional, this office is the best in Town
Elsie Desire a year ago
I really appreciate this company they are really good at their work and do amazing job
Norm Disbrow a year ago
Best care ever. Noemaris, Maria, and Grisel are excellent nurses and Dr. Acevedo is the best Doctor.
larrow calloway a year ago
Very nice and caring people! 5 mins from my home! No problems
Edwin Arocho a year ago
Very good attention and professional service
Shaka Zu a year ago
I absolutely love this place. Great staff and a very knowledgeable physician who cares about the patient. SALUD
Ron Beck a year ago
Very friendly. Great staff. A pleasure to have in the community.
Daniel Feliciano a year ago
I am very happy with this new clinic in my community. They help me with everything. Thank you Salud VIP for taking care of my health.
Ana Rodriguez a year ago
I am very happy with the treatment I receive at the clinic with everyone who cares for my health.
Efrain Gerena a year ago
This doctors office is great starting with front desk staff and the doctors are very helpful I will recommend this office to anyone that wants to be treated good
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