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Ivette Colon-Reyes, MD

Colon-Reyes, M.D.

Primary Care

Shabriel Vazquez Ocasio, M.D.

Shabriel Vazquez
Ocasio, M.D.

Primary Care

What people say about us

Rosemarie Lopes 7 months ago
Dr Colon is the best she has such a great attitude always pleasant and most of all she makes me feel so so comfortable. The staff is the best. Great Dr glad I'm seeing her.
Terrance E. Stock 9 months ago
Excellent Professional staff and physician. Totally pleased with the experience!!
Arturo Meneses 11 months ago
Excellent professional and human being, highly recommended. Place is lovely!
iris pagan a year ago
I love the clinic, the staff is great, Dr Acevedo is very good and attentive. Very happy this clinic is in my community.
Shirley Negron Ortiz a year ago
Everyone is so nice and professional, very caring people, my father and I loved it! We're so happy to have find this place
Efrain Gerena a year ago
This doctors office is great starting with front desk staff and the doctors are very helpful I will recommend this office to anyone that wants to be treated good
Dimpna Zenquis a year ago
I found this clinic they are so friendly and helpful! I love it!
Elsie Desire a year ago
I really appreciate this company they are really good at their work and do amazing job
Carmen Rivas a year ago
This clinic is wonderful, we love the staff. Thank you Vip Health!!!
Shaka Zu a year ago
I absolutely love this place. Great staff and a very knowledgeable physician who cares about the patient. SALUD
sue lysdahl a year ago
Very friendly and clean facility. Would recommend to anyone new to the area.
Diane Bustillo Gonzalez a year ago
I received a very positive and friendly welcome as soon as I first entered the door of SaludVIP. All their medical staff treated me like a family member.
Angel Rodriguez a year ago
For me it is a pleasure not first visits, the staff and Dr. Acevedo treated me very well. I recommend this clinics! Here I stay!!!
Carmen Ramos a year ago
I am very satisfied with the entire medical team, because they do a good job. And about Dr. Acevedo, not to mention, tremendous doctor.
Lesbia Cruz a year ago
Very friendly and Dr. ACEVEDO VERY GOOD DR.
Norm Disbrow a year ago
Best care ever. Noemaris, Maria, and Grisel are excellent nurses and Dr. Acevedo is the best Doctor.
Ron Beck a year ago
Very friendly. Great staff. A pleasure to have in the community.
ANGEL LUIS ramos a year ago
Hello, this is one of the best clinics that serves the community! Thank you all, you are very kind and professional!!!
Celina Bebak a year ago
I see the Doctor on time. All person is kind and professional. I suggest everyone for this kind of care.
Ana Ruiz a year ago
Doctor Acevedo is a very honest person, he is very tactful in treating his patients, he is very kind and explicit regarding the patient's condition.
Franklyn Tavarez a year ago
This climate gives excellent treatment. I am very happy with how the nurses and Dr Acevedo treat me. Always grateful.
Claudel Chardonnette a year ago
I was amazed on how well i was treated by Maria and the staff. Dr. Acevedo was very honest and kind and he has a lot of knowledge. I would def recomend going there.
Nicolas Delgado a year ago
The staff and the Dr treat me well!! 5 Stars for VIP Health....
Peter McDaniel a year ago
SaludVIP Marion oaks office is doing a great job right now all the three receptionists does good work.I feel in good hands with Dr.Acevedo. Thank you
larrow calloway a year ago
Very nice and caring people! 5 mins from my home! No problems
Vilma Tirado a year ago
A unique experience, all the staff are very friendly and like to help the patient and very courteous and charming
Jacqueline Zayas a year ago
Welcoming and open access . Treats you with passion and family.
Angel Reyes a year ago
This is Marion Oaks' best clinical! The staff is professional!!! Thank you Vip Health♡
Edwin Arocho a year ago
Very good attention and professional service
Ramon Velez a year ago
I am very happy with this clinical, they are professional and very cordial! And Dr. Acevedo is an excellent Dr. Recommended 100%
Daniel Feliciano a year ago
I am very happy with this new clinic in my community. They help me with everything. Thank you Salud VIP for taking care of my health.
Odannys Febles a year ago
Ana Cordero Post Great service, excellent team. Dr Acevedo is a great doctor and the staff is very good. God bless you!
Star Herrera a year ago
Dr is the Best the staff are very professional, this office is the best in Town
Angela Gomez a year ago
Great place with wonderful people caring for a community ❤️
Iris Cormell a year ago
I had a lot of FUN talking with Dr. Jorge Gaud. I felt very comfortable at the office. I would definitely recommend this office to everyone in the community.
Sheila Hubbard a year ago
My experience here is amazing the workers were excellent and so professional I will be back.
Ana Rodriguez a year ago
I am very happy with the treatment I receive at the clinic with everyone who cares for my health.
Wife Rodriguez a year ago
The experience was very good, I recommend the place
John Casiano a year ago
The Doctor and the Girls a very very good Love
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