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Haidy Carrasquillo-
Rodriguez, M.D.

Primary Care

Luis Garcia Fresneda, M.D.

Luis Garcia
Fresneda, M.D.

Primary Care

Italo Neira, APRN

Neira, APRN

Primary Care

Neira, APRN

Primary Care

What people say about us

Angela Klemme 15 hours ago
Friendly staff. Doctor takes time with patients.
nelson Polanco 3 days ago
The Ladies in this office are helpful and I recommend this office. Dr Garcia is an awesome doctor.
Gladys Ramos 4 weeks ago
She is an excellent professional, I recommend her to everyone.
Rosa Santos a month ago
Salud VIP. Is great The staff is friendly and helpful. Appointments are timely and Dr. Garcia - Fresneda is very thorough and listens to your concerns.
Dina Colon a month ago
I am a patient of Luis García Fresneda and I am very satisfied with his care. He won't change it for anyone!
Awilda Valentin a month ago
Excellent treatment and Dr. Garcia is a professional!
Maria Santana a month ago
Dr.Carrasquillo is an excellent, awesome physician. She is attentive, pleasant, and cares about her patients. I highly recommend her as your physician at SaludVip Sanford.
Maritza Stegbuchner a month ago
Dr. Carrasquillo explains very well everything related to laboratories and provides solutions to improve some aspect in relation to health.
Edgardo Baez a month ago
Tremendous work team, they are excellent, thank you for all your help. God bless you all. Especially a. Dr. Carrasquillo, who is a tremendous doctor and very kind
Julie Schmitt a month ago
Dr. Garcia was very thorough. He went through my history and we talked about some changes. I am looking forward to working with him. I was very impressed. Thank you Dr. Garcia.
Mercedes a month ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Garcia for 2 years. And I highly recommend it, the office is always clean, the girls always provide excellent service.
Ricardo Herrera 2 months ago
Very good office, very grateful for the treatment of the girl in front, Tais and Italo for their services
Michael Bayer 2 months ago
This office is great. Every time I come here the staff is friendly and professional.
Adela Maya 3 months ago
Dra. Carrasquillo is the best. She is very thorough and explains everything!
Lynne Cunningham 3 months ago
Dr. Carrasquillo is the best...kind and caring, always thorough about details. I can recommend her!
Phil Ryan 4 months ago
Dr Garcia was great. He spends a good amount of time with the patients. Very thorough.
Genoveva Piniero 4 months ago
I love the treatment I receive in the office. I have tremendous Dr. Garcia. Very happy with my medical team
Shelby Dague 4 months ago
She is a wonderful doctor and I love her very much.
Rosa Smith 4 months ago
Staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Carrasquillo is compassionate, caring and treats you like family.
Carlos Reale 4 months ago
I am a current patient of De.Garcia, I have been there for 10 years and I am very happy and satisfied with all of their services.
Jamie Rivera 5 months ago
Doctor Carrasquillo is very good. I highly recommend them
John W 5 months ago
Dr. Haidy is the best, she always has my best interest at heart. And all the nurses are so nice and helpful. For the best health care this is the place.
Ludym Garcia 6 months ago
Kind, compassionate and excellent care
Antonio Pascual a year ago
I brought my mother here and everyone is very friendly. The facility is very clean and organized. I recommend this location to everyone I know. 10 out of 10.
Booker Rayam a year ago
First of all, the staff is very nice Dr. Garcia is the best doctor I've seen in my life. I am very happy and pleased with the office.
BIG T Williams a year ago
This office is great.. very polite, welcoming, make me feel taken care of. Dr. Garcia is very helpful. Always leave the office with a smile. The staff is cool. Eddie, Jessy, Karen
Lazaro Navarro a year ago
The attention is amazing from the front desk to doctors, the office is super clean and organized great in everything.
elsie carrasquillo a year ago
Took my family member to there appointment, found the staff were very nice and pleasant. The Doctor was very welcoming and reassuring on her care. Thank you
Jose Maldonado a year ago
Sanford team is the best team ever! The environment, the physicians, the team are amazing.
Anthony Hobbs a year ago
Dr. Garcia and his wonderful staff always treat me very good. The doctor and staff are very professional and I love coming to the office.
Jose Otano a year ago
Excellent staff and Doctors. I highly recommend this office to any patients 65 and over or with Medicare. They are bilingual located next to Quest.
Eduardo Carrasquillo a year ago
Provider and staff were very professional. Thank you for taking care of my family as they were your own. God bless
Cristian Sosa a year ago
Nice and professional office!!! 10/10 would recommend
Dylan Rivera a year ago
My mother goes here all the time they treat her so well, they are so kind and respectful overall great place and great workers
Isaac Cordero a year ago
I am very happy with the service I receive here. Dr. Carrasquillo is a one of a kind doctor and I am very pleased with her care. In all my life, I have never had a better doctor.
ANNS APONTE a year ago
The office is great but we always have isssues with the call center.
Martha Mans a year ago
Very good attention,very professional staff,I recommended this clinic
Alex Zendejas a year ago
Felt at home, such a great place/environment!
heriberto jr Sepulveda a year ago
The service to the patients is a plus and the disposition of the employees is satisfactory.
Clarimar Tavarez a year ago
The best doctors I've ever experienced. They actually care about their patients.
Gary Conklin a year ago
This place is cool and the people there are awesome.
Keren Cuevas a year ago
The way this office cares about their patients makes them stand out compared to other offices! 10/10 would recommend!!
Allie a year ago
The place is really nice and I would like to say Karen is absolutely amazing
Samuel Adams a year ago
Two great nurses they did a great job nurse Tanisha and nurse yajaira
Vivian Strawberry a year ago
Ever since coming here my health is much better. Wonderful staff especially Yajaira!!!!
Aura Cortoreal a year ago
Thank you for serving me, especially Tanisha and Yajaira!! The doctor and the girls are very attentive and efficient. This is like my second home.
A Toyens a year ago
My grandma had received care from all the doctors here and is very happy. She refuses to be taken to the hospital when she is sick because she trusts her doctor so much.
J. Toledo a year ago
I feel very comfortable with the care I receive from my doctor, he takes a lot of time with me. All the staff are very good.
Ángel Fernández 2 years ago
The Doctor is Very Attentive She Works Very Well
Vivian Maldonado 2 years ago
Very attentive and helpful, she is very dedicated to her performance.
Elba A. Ramirez 2 years ago
Wonderful. Dedicate TIME. It is excellent and in all 5 stars is not enough.
Jennifer 2 years ago
This doctor listens to you and addresses any problems. She takes the time to find out what you need .
Martha Mastrapa 2 years ago
Dr. Carrasquillo is very pleasant and friendly.
Aixa Denis 2 years ago
I am grateful for the excellent quality of service and continued receiving warm service. Excellent Dr Heidy Carraquillo
Sandra Ramirez 2 years ago
I love how he treats my parents. Explains everything very well. And she is very attentive and even calls the house personally. Grateful.
Esteban david Ortega salas 2 years ago
The place is recommended, the facilities are very good and the attention of the doctors and assistants is of great quality and kindness ... recommended
Carol Koester 2 years ago
Wonderful, caring medical professionals!
Roberto Carrion 2 years ago
The Doctor is very attentive. with us
Gladys Sanchez 2 years ago
I am accompanying you to a patient and the acceptance has been excellent. The staff is very attentive and Dr. Carrasquillo's attention is spectacular.
Monserrate Rosa 2 years ago
The doctor is very good to me and is always attentive.
Josefina Garcia 2 years ago
Highly recommended! Excellent medical care! 5 stars!
Johauris Hernandez Jimenez 2 years ago
Very good service, excellent attending physicians and a very good doctor.
Marilu Sanchez 2 years ago
I recommend salud VIP to everyone who wants to be taken care by professional staff and lovely Dr , you will feel so welcome
Maria Santana 2 years ago
Excellent professional medical services by all the staff and the Sanford office.
Hipilito Maldonado 2 years ago
Yajarira nydia Tanisha Martha they are doing a very professional job I love how they treat the patients
Pedro Wilson 2 years ago
I will always be grateful to Dr. Carrasquillo and the staff. They have treated me with caring and kindness. Dr. Carrasquillo shows so much genuine care for her patients.
Sam De Jesus 2 years ago
All attention is first class, both Dr. and all the staff. Good health professionals. Thank you for your dedication.
Ronald Mangum 2 years ago
I would like to tell how great yajaira has been to my dad she's kind and makes him feel better and go home with a smile
Claribel Centeno 3 years ago
Very good service from doctor Carasquillo and her nurse Migdalia
Joaquin Palucha 3 years ago
He's very explicit and professional to explain each text and very friendly he dedicates a lot time I am very happy to be your patient. I recommend the Dr.
Elizabeth Montalvo 3 years ago
I want to congratulate all the staff. Especially to Doctor Haidy Carrasquillo, whom I am very satisfied with her services. Thank you
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