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Lab work is used to diagnose medical conditions, devise a treatment plan, and monitor a disease and/or condition. VIPcare offers many in-house lab services so that you can get your results faster and easier.

What is Lab Work?

Laboratory (lab) work consists of tests that your provider requests to test samples of your blood, urine, other bodily fluid, or body tissue to assess your overall health and risk for diseases. These tests may be part of your routine check-up and used to diagnose medical conditions, devise a treatment plan, and monitor the disease and/or condition.

What Are Some Common Lab Tests?

There are several laboratory tests that your provider may order, including:

Complete Blood Count – this lab test is referred to as CBC and is the most common blood test performed. It measures the cells in your blood, including red and white blood cells and platelets. Complete blood count tests help assess your health and screen for disorders.

Basic Metabolic Panel – this test checks your sugar level, electrolyte and fluid balance, and kidney function by measuring your glucose, sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, carbon dioxide, blood urea nitrogen, and creatinine.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel – this test is combined with the basic metabolic panel for a more extensive evaluation that focuses on your organs.

Lipid Panel – this is a group of laboratory tests that check your triglyceride and cholesterol levels. This specific lab work helps to assess your cardiac risk.

Urinalysis –  this test is a general screening of your urine that checks for disease as well as monitors diabetes and kidney disease.

Cultures – this test is usually performed by taking a swab of bodily fluid to test for an infection or illness, such as pneumonia, strep throat, and MRSA.

In-office lab tests vary by location.

How to Prepare for Your Lab Work?

You should discuss specifics with your provider before undergoing any type of lab work. Some laboratory tests, including blood tests for cholesterol and glucose, require you to fast several hours before your tests. Some tests may also require you to stop taking certain medications and/or supplements.

You will be informed of all necessary requirements prior to undergoing any lab work. It’s important that you follow your provider’s instructions to ensure accurate and reliable results

How Long Does It Take to Get Lab Test Results?

Lab test results can vary depending on the complexity and type of test performed. Some results can be obtained within our clinic at the time of your visit, whereas some tests must be sent out for diagnostics. You should always talk to your doctor about what to expect regarding your test results.

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*Not all services are available in-office. Services vary by location.

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