Senior-Focused Care

Patients 65+ require different attention and care than other age groups. VIPcare provides senior-focused primary care that caters specifically to the needs of older adults.

What is Senior-Focused Care?

Senior-focused care is primary care that delivers a wide range of value-based healthcare services with a dedicated focus on patients 65+. It takes the unique needs of the senior population into consideration when caring for patients.

How Is Senior-Focused Primary Care Different than Traditional Primary Care?

At VIPcare, you’ll notice many differences between how we care for patients and how others do. Because VIPcare specializes in caring for adults 65+, our providers are trained and specialized in the specific clinical needs of seniors. We focus on prevention and management, helping to achieve Better Health. Also, using a value-based model allows our providers to spendmore time with patients. Instead of waiting for an appointment, our providers can see you right away, sometimes even the same day if needed.

What are the Benefits of Senior-Focused Care?

Many older adults live with multiple chronic conditions, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. By having a primary care provider that is skilled and trained to treat the senior population and their specific needs, such as chronic conditions, patients receive better and more personalized care. In addition, senior-focused care integrates a team approach and coordinates with specialty care when necessary.

What Insurance is Needed for Senior-Focused Care?

Senior-focused primary care is best delivered as part of a value-based model and works best when paired with Medicare Advantage plans. However, some VIPcare clinics do accept traditional Medicare.

Learn More About Senior-Focused Care at VIPcare

VIPcare provides senior-focused primary care to the aging population. We believe in quality over quantity and always strive to deliver 5-star care. Learn more about what makes VIPcare different by scheduling an appointment or calling 866-333-7897.

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