VIPcare At Home

Everyone deserves to have access to great healthcare. VIPcare At Home helps provide patients with the complete clinical care they need from anywhere they may be. It’s healthcare made easy, simple, and convenient.

What is VIPcare At Home?

VIPcare At Home is a healthcare service that provides in-home care to support patients in receiving the additional care they need to achieve their health goals. It’s essentially an extension of your primary care team.

How Much Does VIPcare At Home cost?

VIPcare At Home is available at no cost to eligible patients and is in collaboration with your primary care physician.

What Type of Care is Available with VIPcare At Home?

Services provided by VIPcare At Home may include scheduling complete physical exams or services to help monitor and manage chronic conditions. Your current primary care physician will always remain your primary care physician. Patient assignment never transfers to our providers.

Who Provides VIPcare At Home Services?

These services are provided by health professionals, including medical doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and licensed professional nurses. Our health professionals will treat you respectfully and are committed to partnering with you to reach your health goals.

What Can I Expect from VIPcare At Home?

Your initial visit usually occurs with one of our registered nurses at your home. The nurse will learn more about your current health and health conditions, provide any education that you would find helpful, and also answer any questions that you may have. After this visit, we will help to schedule you with either a medical doctor or nurse practitioner for follow-up visits.

What Are Some of the Benefits of VIPcare At Home?

• Assistance with obstacles that may hinder you from reaching your health goals
• A health professional providing assistance with questions you may have
• Order medications to better control diseases and conditions
• A better understanding of your health condition(s)
• Tips and recommendations to help you reach your health goals
• Medication review and education
• In-home labs, if needed
• Order services, such as home health and durable medical equipment
• Care coordination with specialists and pharmacists

Where is VIPcare At Home Available?

Currently, our at-home care service is only available in certain clinics. Please check with your provider to see if this service is available to you.

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