3 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Health

3 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Health

We all know that eating healthy and being active is how we can achieve a healthy lifestyle. But, surprisingly, according to a recent study, very few adults actually meet the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to diet and exercise, whether or not you smoke and your weight was factored into the study. Only three percent of American adults achieved a healthy living status in the study. Whereas 13.8 percent met three of the criteria and 34.2 percent met only two criteria.

It goes without saying that you should always strive to eat well and exercise regularly. But you might be surprised to find out that there are some really simple things you can do to boost your health.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

When you think about brushing and flossing, you might not think you are making an investment in your overall health. Well, you are! Your overall health and oral health go hand-in-hand. Scientific evidence has linked oral health, particularly periodontal (gum) disease, to several chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, oral health is essential to boosting your health and keeping you healthy. A good oral regimen includes brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and having routine dental cleanings.

Smile and Laugh Often

This is such a simple and easy way to boost your health, and it doesn’t cost a penny! No matter how bad things seem or get, there is always a reason to smile and laugh – you just have to find it. Studies have found that just the act of smiling can instantly increase your mood and lower your heart rate. Smiling and laughing also have the ability to help you cope with difficult situations. Things aren’t always easy, and we need something to help balance us out and keep us grounded. When you smile, your brain releases little molecules called neuropeptides that are designed to fight off stress. Your brain then releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, which all work together to act as a natural pain reliever and anti-depressant. One thing to keep in mind, smiling is contagious – if you give one, you’re bound to get one right back and vice versa.

Enjoy Family Meals

Eating dinner as a family or with other people makes meals more meaningful. Thought must go into preparing the meal, which gives you an excellent opportunity to select healthier options. (Healthy doesn’t have to mean difficult, though.) In addition to making it easier to maintain a healthy diet, sitting down to enjoy dinner as a family helps to promote social interaction. And from what we learned last week, socialization is important to boosting overall health. It helps to improve brain health and reduce feelings of depression. Even if it’s just you and your spouse, a family dinner provides the time for the two of you to catch up and ask about the other one’s day. It may seem like a small detail, but it can significantly impact all of us.

These three simple acts can greatly impact your overall health without you even realizing it. It’s important to take a proactive approach to your health. By living a healthy lifestyle and following these three great “Boost Your Health” tips, you’ll be further along your journey to Better Health in no time.


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