Benefits of a Senior Wellness Program

Benefits of a Senior Wellness Program

Research on healthy aging continually shows that older adults who embrace wellness as part of their everyday life receive significant health and mental well-being benefits. In addition, they’re living longer than their non-active counterparts. Because of this, senior wellness programs are becoming more and more popular within the older communities.

Senior Wellness Programs offer an array of benefits to the aging population. They provide opportunities that make it easy for seniors to be proactive about their health. Many health plans under Medicare are beginning to offer senior wellness programs within their coverage and for good reason.

If you’re not already participating in a senior wellness program, here are some of the biggest benefits of joining a program near you.

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Increases Physical Activity

Being physically active is vital for your overall health and essential to healthy aging. However, it doesn’t just keep you physically fit, it helps to ward off or manage a host of diseases and conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Senior wellness programs help promote an active lifestyle by offering all types of activities that are structured, planned, and geared toward older adults.

Many of the exercises are designed around the needs of seniors, such as improving balance, increasing core strength, and improving range of motion. In addition, local wellness groups provide a friendly and comforting atmosphere for seniors to work out in.

Creates a Social Outlet

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost a third of the older population lives alone. This has been found to lead to depression and social isolation. One of the greatest benefits of a senior wellness program is that it creates an environment for seniors to make new friends and engage in conversation and interact with others. This helps to reduce isolation and bring seniors together. Many wellness programs offer social activities, such as bingo, dance lessons, book clubs, and crafting. These types of social engagements enhance mood and help to prevent depression.

Cuts Down on Medical Costs

Perhaps one of the top benefits of joining a senior wellness program is that it has the potential to lower your overall medical and healthcare expenses. Studies have shown that individuals who participate in wellness programs have lower healthcare costs. For example, they experience fewer visits to the emergency room, fewer hospital admissions, and fewer falls. This all equates to less money you have to spend out-of-pocket.

Enhances Mental Stimulation

Some degree of cognitive decline is common with age. And the best way to combat the mental cobwebs and sharpen your mind is by using your brain. Senior wellness programs help to do just that. Many of the classes and activities offered through these wellness programs force you to engage your brain, helping to improve cognitive function. For example, educational classes, such as computer seminars, language lessons, or book clubs, put your mind to work and help you exercise different parts of your brain.

Provide An Abundance of Health Benefits

In addition to pushing you to be active and social, senior wellness programs offer a variety of other health benefits. Most programs provide regular health screenings and health education tools. This helps aid in prevention, the key to achieving Better Health. Often providers will host seminars or lectures hosted by the wellness program that helps to educate you on specific health topics relevant to your demographic. The goal of the wellness program is to keep you informed and encourage preventative care.

senior women participating in art class at senior wellness program

Offers A Little Bit of Everything

One of the fun benefits of participating in a senior wellness program is the variety of activities and resources offered. Most wellness programs try to include a wide range of activities, exercises, and topics in their programs. People with all varying interests are bound to find something that catches their attention. It allows you to participate in something you are familiar with or try something completely new.

Encourages Independence

No one likes to feel like they are dependent on someone else or being a burden. Senior wellness centers allow you to become independent and take a proactive role in your health and well-being. By encouraging Independence, it helps seniors to maintain a richer personal life. The resources available through wellness programs assist in improving your overall physical health – balance, stability and strength, and endurance – which is necessary to function daily by yourself.

How To Find A Senior Wellness Program Near You

The benefits of a senior wellness program are endless and can do so much for you. They not only improve your health, but they help you to enjoy a better quality of life. The best way to find a senior wellness center near you is by talking to friends and other people your age. You can also search online programs. Try contacting your health insurance company for assistance. They may offer memberships to participating programs, such as SilverSneakers. A senior wellness program can help get you on the right path to Better Health.


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