Be Social While Hydrating With this Healthy Mocktail Recipe

Be Social While Hydrating With this Healthy Mocktail Recipe

July is Social Wellness Month, a month dedicated to nurturing yourself and your relationships with others. Social interaction and relationships benefit your emotional, physical, and cognitive health. And one of the most popular activities used to enjoy social engagement with others is Happy Hour.

Unfortunately, many older adults, for various reasons, can no longer partake in Happy Hour in the traditional sense. However, just because you can’t sip on an “adult beverage” doesn’t mean you can pretend to while enjoying Happy Hour with friends. Healthy mocktail recipes are the new “adult beverages.” They are tasty drinks that resemble cocktails, just without the alcohol. Some are so delicious you can’t even tell you skipped on the alcohol.

For example, this strawberry cucumber mojito healthy mocktail recipe will definitely surprise you. This will be your sipping drink all summer long. In addition to tasting so good, it’s packed full of nutrition. The fresh and simple ingredients give you a nutrient boost while hydrating you. The strawberries offer a rich dose of vitamin C, while the cucumbers provide a little extra fiber.

This healthy mocktail recipe would be perfect for making a big pitcher of if you have an upcoming party or gathering, such as the Fourth of July. It’s light, refreshing, and oh-so-perfect for a hot summer day!

This is one “adult beverage” definitely worth saying cheers for!

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Strawberry Cucumber Mojito Healthy Mocktail Recipe


2 sliced strawberries

10 fresh mint leaves

2 slices of cucumber, peeled

2 lime wedges

1 tsp of honey or maple syrup

1 can of club soda or sparkling lime water


  1. Add the strawberries, mint leaves, lime, and sweetener to the glass.

  1. Use a muddler to smash them together until the mint is fragrant and the strawberries are crushed.

  1. Add ice to the glass and top with club soda.

  1. Stir and enjoy!
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