Meet Dr. Lynnette Santana

Meet Dr. Lynnette Santana

We’ve added to our list of compassionate providers at VIPcare On Top of the World located in Ocala. Meet Dr. Lynnette Santana, the newest member of our team!

Dr. Santana is a Family Medicine physician with over 20 years of experience. She’s excited to be part of the VIPcare family and can’t wait to join her patients on their healthcare journey.

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Who is Dr. Lynnette Santana

Dr. Santana was born and raised in upstate New York and spent most of her life in Syracuse. She grew up in a house of medical professionals, her father a physician and her mother a registered nurse.

She remembers going to the hospital with them at a young age and being intrigued by what all medicine had to offer.

“I always wanted to become a doctor since the age of five,” she said. “I really did not consider any other professions. That was the only thing I wanted to do.”

Her interest never wavered, and she went on to earn her medical degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine in Mexico. During her studies, Dr. Santana was drawn to primary care because of its wide variety of medical issues. She likes that she didn’t have to pick just one area of expertise.

“This allows you to become well-rounded,” she said. “I also enjoy the ability to form long-term relationships with patients.”

As a provider, her goal is preventative care to help prevent disease and enable her patients to live longer and healthier lives. It was this very ability that her parents would highlight to her.

“They would emphasize that having the capability to properly diagnose and improve the quality of life was extremely rewarding and worth the sacrifice,” she said.

It was also this very notion that led Dr. Santana to VIPcare.

“I admire how the company values the quality of medicine,” she said. “They allow you to spend a generous amount of time really getting to know the patient and doing a more thorough job in their care and management….”

Learn more about Dr. Santana HERE.

Providing 5-Star Primary Care Service

At VIPcare, we not only provide you with great health care, but we help you achieve Better Health. We pride ourselves on providing you with providers who care and always put your health and needs first, such as Dr. Santana in Ocala. Our providers’ specialties make it possible to provide you with specialized care built just for you!

Come Meet Dr. Santana at VIPcare On Top of the World

Join us in welcoming Dr. Santana to VIPcare in Ocala. Schedule an appointment with her today and see just how great she is. She is currently accepting new Medicare Advantage patients; call 866-926-3831. If you live outside the Ocala or Marion County region, CLICK HERE to find a VIPcare provider near you.

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