Meet Dr. Richard Santiago

Meet Dr. Richard Santiago

One of our newest clinics, VIPcare Zephyrhills, is open and accepting new patients. It is home to primary care provider Dr. Richard Santiago. Dr. Santiago is a family medicine specialist with over 19 years of experience in the medical field. He joined the VIPcare team late last year and is excited to be establishing his family of patients in Pasco County.

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Who is Dr. Richard Santiago?

Dr. Santiago, born and raised in Puerto Rico, didn’t come from money. Instead, his family worked hard for what they had and for what they had accomplished.

“My family was very poor,” he said, “and with the help of God first, and his parents, brothers, and sister, [my uncle] would be able to go to medical school in Spain in the ’70s and be the first doctor in the family.”

Following his uncle’s lead, there have been four more doctors in the family, including Dr. Santiago. However, medicine wasn’t his first choice.

“I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut,” he said, “but I’m not too good with advanced mathematics. My second choice was medicine, but I have no regrets about choosing this career. I have a lot of blessings for helping others.”

Dr. Santiago attended the University of Puerto Rico for his undergraduate degree before attending Autonoma University of Guadalajara in Mexico to earn his medical degree. He then returned to Puerto Rico to complete his training in general practice at the Metropolitan Hospital in Yauco.

“The area of medicine that I enjoy most is family medicine because not only can we treat one specific disease or condition as the specialist does, we see the patient as a whole being and have the opportunity to go the extra mile,” he said.

Making A Difference Through Teaching and Leading

In 2017, Dr. Santiago made the decision to move to Florida to help him grow as a professional. His eyes were set on bigger opportunities for how he could make a positive influence on patients’ lives.

Since moving to Florida, he has served as the medical director for multiple organizations, including Santa Rita Hospice Care. And he is now excited to call VIPcare home. “I found a company that invests in patients with the latest advance in technology,” he said. “A company where their interest is in the patient’s well-being and their employer.”

As a provider, he tries to be a teacher and a leader. “I like to explain to my patient their conditions, the lab results, etc., in a way they can understand,” he said. “Sometimes I draw pictures of the heart system, GI system, urology systems, neuro system, in order to help them visualize the function of the organs.”

He is quick to say that his primary goal is to provide good service with respect and empathy.

Providing 5-Star Primary Care Service

At VIPcare, we specialize in geriatric care for Medicare Advantage patients. And it’s always our top priority to provide you with great health care that leads to Better Health. We pride ourselves on providing you with providers who care and will always put your health first, such as Dr. Santiago in Zephyrhills. It’s because of our providers’ diverse specialties that we’re able to provide you with specialized care built around you and your needs.

Come Meet Dr. Richard Santiago at VIPcare Zephyrhills

Visit Dr. Richard Santiago at VIPcare Zephyrhills and see how great he is. He is currently accepting new Medicare Advantage patients. Schedule an appointment today by calling 866-926-3831. If you live outside Pasco County or the Zephyrhills region, it’s easy to find a VIPcare provider near you.

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