Senior-Focused Primary Care: How It Benefits You

Senior-Focused Primary Care: How It Benefits You

Covid-19 opened our eyes to a lot of things. But one of the biggest things it opened our eyes to is our overall healthcare system and the declining health of our senior population. Seniors deserve more. They deserve compassionate care that is centered around them.

Primary care is vital to seniors having a healthy life. However, primary care is probably the healthcare system that is strained the most. Primary care physicians are experiencing burnout, trying to keep up with demand.

Primary care helps to prevent disease, manage chronic conditions, improve health, and lower mortality rates. But to be successful in doing all of these things, providers must be able to provide the necessary time with their patients. And they need to have the ability to cater to their specific needs. This is where senior-focused primary care comes into play.

Senior-focused primary care is a healthcare model that takes a personalized care team approach to healthcare and caring for seniors, especially those in underserved communities. It’s sort of a one-stop-shop for seniors that allows them to get personalized healthcare specific to their unique needs. There are many benefits to seeking out senior-focused primary care. Read on to learn more.

You’re Not Seeing Your Traditional Doctor

With senior-focused primary care, it’s different from a traditional doctor’s office experience. For example, at VIPcare – a senior-focused primary care center – our primary care physicians are skilled and trained in treating older adults. They are aware of the specific clinical needs of seniors.

Our providers take a personalized wholistic approach to caring for you. Meaning they care for you as a whole – physically, mentally, and emotionally. They surround you with a care team that has you and your health as their top priority.

In addition, you will receive as much time as necessary with your provider. You’re probably used to spending most of your time sitting in a waiting room. Most traditional fee-for-service providers and clinics rush patients in and out, allowing for only 15-20 minutes at the most with the provider. This is not the case at VIPcare. Our providers spend, on average, 40 minutes with patients. With some appointments taking as long as an hour. Better Health takes time.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Value-based care is a healthcare approach that focuses on quality, not quantity. With this model, providers focus on overall health outcomes rather than focusing on one specific condition. Senior-focused care is best delivered as part of a value-based model and works best when paired with Medicare Advantage plans.

Many Medicare Advantage plans offer benefits that Original Medicare does not, such as drug, vision, hearing, and fitness memberships. These additional benefits help to maintain your health and keep you healthy. Medicare Advantage also places a cap on your out-of-pocket costs for the plan coverage year. This often makes it much easier and affordable for seniors with one or multiple chronic conditions.

It Allows Your Provider to Be Your Healthcare Quarterback

Your health is a team effort, and senior-focused primary care allows your VIPcare provider to serve as the quarterback of your healthcare team. They connect and coordinate with all of the specialized players within the healthcare system.

Your provider helps ensure you receive the senior care you need – when you need it. That includes determining if you need to see other providers or specialists. You see a cardiologist for your heart, a dermatologist for your skin. You see your primary care provider for complete wellness. This helps to alleviate the burden on you and provides you with peace of mind knowing your primary care provider is watching out for you and your needs.

Contact VIPcare – You Deserve More

When it comes to your health, you should never settle for anything other than the best. At VIPcare, we always put your needs first. We believe in taking a comprehensive approach and providing senior-focused care that will get you healthy and keep you healthy. We believe in quality over quantity and always strive to deliver 5-star care. Learn more about what makes VIPcare different by scheduling an appointment or calling 866-926-3831.

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