Prevent Eye Injuries With These Tips

Prevent Eye Injuries With These Tips

Eye injuries can be catastrophic. But fortunately, you can prevent many eye injuries from even happening if you’re careful. With a little bit of caution and preventative care, you can ward off painful and debilitating eye injuries. Try following these tips to keep you or an at-risk loved one safe and injury-free.

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Watch for and Eliminate Tripping Hazards

Believe it or not, falling is the number one cause of eye injury in the United States. It can happen to anyone, but older adults tend to be more at risk. To help eliminate the possible risk of falling in addition to injuring your eye on the way down, take a look around your house. Check the inside and outside for any tripping hazards. This might include loose rugs, electrical cords, yard equipment, or uneven walkways.

Increase Lighting in Dark Areas

Dark hallways and stairs can be a major risk for falling or running into something that could potentially poke your eye. Make sure those dark areas are well lit. Use a brighter bulb or add additional lighting.

Schedule Routine Eye Exams

We say it time and time again. Prevention is key. And it’s true in this instance as well. You must be proactive to prevent eye injuries. As you get older, you become more susceptible to certain eye conditions, such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. The earlier you become diagnosed, the earlier you and your doctor can devise a treatment plan to protect your vision. Not all conditions have symptoms, so it’s vital that you schedule regular eye exams. Your vision may also change over the years, which can make activities and daily life difficult if not treated. Better vision leads to fewer falls and eye injuries. Get your eyes checked today!

Wear Protective Eyewear When Needed

More than 40 percent of eye injuries result from everyday home activities, such as yard work and repairs. Many of these can often be prevented by simply wearing the necessary protected eyewear. If you’re mowing the grass or weedeating, wear goggles to prevent grass, dirt, and debris from flying into your eye. Even dirt alone can scratch your eye, thus causing an injury. Anytime you’re doing something that could result in objects or chemicals flying into your eyes, wear goggles.

You may not be able to prevent all eye injuries, but you can at least lower your risk of suffering one. Take precautions and be smart. Put your eye health first and do everything you can to protect it.

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