VIPcare Reaches Key Milestone – Crosses 100-Clinic Mark

VIPcare Reaches Key Milestone – Crosses 100-Clinic Mark

We Hit 100 Clinics!

We recently hit a major milestone – we opened our 100th value-based primary care clinic! SaludVIP Silver Springs Shores in Ocala has the honor of officially being our 100th clinic, and we couldn’t be any more excited. SaludVIP is VIPcare’s Spanish-speaking brand that serves the growing Hispanic communities.

This marks an important milestone in VIPcare and SaludVIP’s growth as we strive to raise the standard of healthcare in the United States for those most at risk – our senior population.

Today, VIPcare and SaludVIP employ more than 300 individuals, including 100+ providers, who care for nearly 35,000 patients at our 100+ clinics nationwide. VIPcare opened its first clinic in Florida in 2006 and has recently expanded into four new states – Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas, with more on the horizon. We’re even bringing Better Health to Puerto Rico now.

We have continued to work tirelessly for the past 17 years to drive our mission of Better Health and create an unparalleled healthcare experience for our patients. We are more committed than ever to expanding our care model and unmatched patient experience to even more senior communities across the United States.

“We will continue to accelerate our growth execution, allowing us access to more communities to deliver on our purpose of transforming sick care to Better Health care,” said CEO Mike Polen.

VIPcare and SaludVIP use a model that puts quality time spent between a doctor and a patient at the forefront. By spending more time with the physician, we believe patients will get more thorough care and treatments, leading to a better quality of life and less time spent in the hospital.

To us, it’s about time. Less time in the waiting room. More time with the doctor. More time to care. It’s time for Better Health.

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