What Is a Wellness Exam?

What Is a Wellness Exam?

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Take Charge of Your Health!

Health tests and things like wellness exams are very important as slight prevention can go a long way. Through these tests, you will be able to find problems even before they arise or find medical complications in their early stages – when the chances for treatment are doubtlessly better. 

With screenings, treatments, and health services, you will improve your chance to live a healthier and longer life, so do not neglect the need to consider a physical examination.

What Is a Wellness Exam?

Once you have had Medicare Plan B for 12 months or more, you are an eligible candidate for an annual wellness visit. The point of the Medicare annual wellness visit is to keep you in good health and reduce your overall medical costs through assessment of risk factors and early detection of diseases. 

A general wellness exam, or wellness checkup, looks at your overall health. A problem-oriented visit is for diagnosing and addressing current health problems. Doctors use a wellness exam to diagnose a problem in its early stage. Patients request problem visits because they have health issues and want to determine the cause.

For instance, if you want to have a test because you are having certain problems, that is diagnostic care. If your doctor wants you to do a specific test due to your family history, that is preventive care.

After you complete a health risk assessment, your doctor will create your personalized prevention plan. Based on your current health, this plan will improve your engagement, help you prevent illness, and promote preventive healthcare.

The annual wellness exam helps in drawing a picture of how healthy you are and creating directions for future care.

Wellness exam results

Is an Annual Wellness Exam the Same as an Annual Physical Exam?

An annual physical exam is more extensive than a wellness checkup. The annual wellness exam includes only the health assessment. It does not involve routine measurements where the doctor physically examines you.

During the wellness exam, the doctor will also check your reflexes, head and neck, nerves, stomach, lungs, and vital signs.”

What Is Done at a Wellness Exam?

Before your appointment, you will be asked to answer a questionnaire about your health, called Health Risk Assessment. The questionnaire should not take you more than 20 minutes to complete. The answers will provide your doctor with important information that will be discussed during your annual wellness exam.

At this phase, the doctor will also collect information about psychosocial risks, behavioral risks, self-assessment of health, demographics, and activities of daily living like walking, bathing, and medication management.

During the exam, the doctor will review your medical and family history through:

  • Medical events of your children, parents, siblings including diseases that place you at increased risk or diseases that are hereditary
  • Past medical history including allergies, injuries, treatments, operations, hospitalizations, and illnesses
  • Current medications and supplements you are taking

Your doctor will ask questions about your weight, height, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and discuss your health choices and current lifestyle. The visit may also include different types of screening depending on your gender, risk, and age.

At the end of the exam, the doctor will develop or update a list of current prescriptions and providers. Your physician will also create a list of risk factors and treatment options and offer you personalized health advice.

To your annual wellness exam, you should bring:

  • Medicare card or another insurance card
  • Your Medical records
  • Your family’s medical records
  • A list of your health care providers
  • A list of medications and supplements you take

How Much Does a Wellness Exam Cost?

If you have had Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) for longer than 12 months, you get an annual wellness visit once every 12 months. However, you may have to pay coinsurance if your doctor does some additional tests during your visit. Some tests are not covered under the preventive benefits.

Medicare also covers some other preventive services like flu shots, bone density measurement, and preventive cancer screenings at no cost.

Take control of your health with VIPcare wellness exam

Schedule Your Wellness Exam at VIPcare!

Use your annual wellness exam to gain more focus on your physical and mental health and overall well-being. Most insurance plans fully cover the wellness exam, so these services may be available to you free of charge.

You will get more time to take advantage of your benefits if you schedule the annual wellness visit early. The sooner you know what kind of treatment you need, the sooner you can start minimizing your expenses.

Schedule an appointment for a wellness exam with our doctors at VIPcare, and make the most out of your one-on-one visit with our doctors.

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