Why VIPcare? It’s About Time

Why VIPcare? It’s About Time

When it comes to selecting a primary care provider, that’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. You are entrusting your health in the hands of someone else when you make that decision. Do you want a doctor that rushes in and out and barely acknowledges you? Or do you want a doctor who takes the time, however long that may be, to listen and provide the care you need and deserve?

At VIPcare, you’ll notice many differences compared to other doctor experiences you may have had in the past. We don’t just want to see you when you’re sick; we also want to see you when you’re healthy. Our goal isn’t just to get you healthy; it’s to keep you healthy. We believe it’s about time.

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More Time With Your Doctor

When you’re a patient at VIPcare, you never have to worry about being rushed in and out. Our providers want to get to know you and your healthcare concerns. It’s personal to us. By spending enough time with you, VIPcare providers can better care for you. Some appointments at VIPcare can last as long as an hour. When was the last time your doctor spent that kind of time with you? Unfortunately, probably never.

Time For a Better Experience

Our providers have a capped panel, meaning they only see eight to 10 patients a day. That enables them to spend the quality time they need with every patient who walks through their doors. And it’s that one-on-one time that helps us to provide a better experience for patients.

In addition, because our providers have smaller panels, you can receive the care you deserve when you need it. We understand that things happen, and when they do, we want you to call us first. VIPcare offers same-day urgent care. This helps to streamline your treatment and cuts down on unnecessary medical bills. Your health is our priority.

Time For Better Health

VIPcare offers specialized care that’s built just for you. We understand that no two patients are the same, so they shouldn’t be treated as such. Your healthcare journey is specific to you and your healthcare needs. And that’s the approach we take. With a preventative mindset, we strive to keep you healthy and to manage any chronic conditions you might have.

Better care leads to Better Health. And that takes more than just a 15-minute appointment. It takes time. More time with your doctor. More time to care. More time to listen.

Schedule your appointment with a VIPcare provider today and start receiving the care you deserve.

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