About SilverSneakers: The What and How

About SilverSneakers: The What and How

A recent survey showed nearly 70 percent of those on Medicare Advantage plans chose their plan based on the simple fact they would receive a SilverSneakers membership. SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed specifically for adults 65 and older.

Many Medicare plans offer this senior fitness program to beneficiaries at no additional cost. If you’re new to Medicare, you’re probably wondering what SilverSneakers is and why so many seniors choose their health coverage around it. Read on to find out why you should look for this additional benefit when selecting your Medicare coverage during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

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What is SilverSneakers?

As previously mentioned, SilverSneakers is a fitness program geared toward Medicare beneficiaries. It is the nation’s leading community health and wellness program, with over 13,000 participating locations across the country. Locations include local gyms and community centers. As a SilverSneakers member, you have access to everything a participating location offers, such as exercise equipment, pools, hot tubs, sauna, tennis courts, and walking tracks.

In addition to access to the facility, SilverSneakers provides numerous exercise classes both in-person and online. Fitness classes are taught by trained and certified instructors and are available to seniors of all levels and abilities. This helps to alleviate some of the intimidation as there is a class for everyone, no matter if you’re a beginner or not. Classes available include a wide range of physical activities, including circuit training, yoga, Tai chi, Zumba, cardio, and Pilates.

How Do You Sign Up For SilverSneakers?

Unfortunately, you can’t just sign up as you would at your local gym. SilverSneakers is an exclusive fitness program only available through Medicare. Your eligibility is based on whether you are a member of one of more than 60 participating Medicare Advantage plans across the United States. You can check your SilverSneakers eligibility instantly here.

If you’re enrolled in a participating Medicare plan, a SilverSneakers membership is available to you for free of charge. You don’t even have to apply, simply enter your information on the SilverSneakers website and download your digital membership card. You can use your digital membership to visit any participating location. In addition, your online access allows you to take advantage of the many online classes.

There’s also the SilverSneakers GO app you can download on your phone via your app store. Through the app, you can access your digital membership card, find participating SilverSneakers locations, and schedule and track your workouts.

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Why Join SilverSneakers?

There are numerous benefits to participating in the SilverSneakers program that far extend a gym membership and free access to workout classes. Yes, you get the gym membership and classes for free, but the greatest benefit of the fitness program is that it helps to keep you active, which leads to Better Health.

SilverSneakers helps to keep your body, mind, and spirit strong and your heart, brain, bones, muscles, and joints healthy. This is extremely beneficial to individuals who are managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, or osteoporosis. By helping to manage your health and chronic diseases, the program can ultimately help you save money on health insurance and out-of-pocket medical costs.

In addition to helping you achieve Better Health by staying active, SilverSneakers also helps to improve your social wellness by giving you an outlet to socialize. Socialization is vital to personal wellness as well as your mental health.

Plus, as a member, you’ll be able to attend live workshops that are informational and help to improve your overall health and quality of life. And you’ll receive discounts on healthy living products and preventive services.

Enjoy the Benefits of SilverSneakers Membership With Medicare Advantage

With so many benefits that can help improve your health and well-being, why wouldn’t you want to be a member of SilverSneakers? If you’re currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan that enables you to participate in SilverSneakers, and you haven’t taken advantage of the program yet, start today!

And while exploring your Medicare options for the Annual Enrollment Period next month, be sure to check that your Medicare Advantage plan offers SilverSneakers.

If you’re new to Medicare or looking for Medicare Plans that include SilverSneakers, you can find participating health plans here.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Instead, be part of a health and fitness program that will motivate you to do better and be better. Even though SilverSneakers is free, it might just end up saving you money in the long run.

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