Meet Dr. Jibril Skaden

Meet Dr. Jibril Skaden

VIPcare is growing! We currently have over 100 providers across 74 locations. Meet one of our newest providers, Dr. Jibril Skaden. He is the primary care provider at our new Apopka clinic.

Dr. Skaden is a board-certified family medicine physician and specializes in providing primary care. He is excited to join the VIPcare team and establish his new family of patients.

Who is Dr. Jibril Skaden?

Dr. Skaden grew up in Kalona, a small farming community in Southeast Iowa. He was a boy with big dreams and ambitions.

“Veterinarian for the first ten years of my life and astronomer for the next ten years; architecture, psychology, and ethnomusicology were also areas of interest and exploration…,” he said.

There were no hospitals where Dr. Skaden lived, but his community did have one family medicine physician in town who was always at the service of his neighbors.

“Seeing how integral he was to our community and the degree of comfort, security, and safety he provided to my family and every other family we knew,” he said, “I was inspired to seek a life of service to others in the same way.”

The Road to Becoming a Doctor

Dr. Skaden completed his undergraduate studies at Swarthmore College outside of Philadelphia before heading to New York to attend the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical School in Brooklyn.

“This was a huge culture shock for me, but a most welcome evolution from small-town upbringing to suburban college town to big-city urban life,” he said. “I was so excited to train in New York, knowing that if I could learn it there, I could literally practice anywhere.”

Throughout his career, Dr. Skaden has become interested in neurology and mental health in addition to occupational medicine and environmental health. “I like thinking about and exploring how and why we think and behave the way we do,” he said.

He enjoys establishing relationships with his patients and always strives to ensure his patients feel truly seen and heard. He says VIPcare allows him to treat people as people, not numbers or diagnoses.

“This is so essential to the practice of good medicine these days,” he said. “That we have in our primary care practices the opportunity to sit down together, to build trust and understanding, to really see and hear one another. We can do so much better and better achieve our goals together when we have the time and support to connect.”

Providing 5-Star Primary Care Service

At VIPcare, we specialize in geriatric care for Medicare Advantage patients. And it’s always our top priority to provide you with great health care that leads to Better Health. We pride ourselves on providing you with providers who care and will always put your health first, such as Dr. Skaden in Apopka. It’s because of our providers’ diverse specialties that we’re able to provide you with specialized care built around you and your needs.

Come Meet Dr. Jibril Skaden at VIPcare Apopka

Visit Dr. Skaden at VIPcare Apopka and see just how great he is. He is accepting new Medicare Advantage patients and can’t wait to meet and join you on your journey to Better Health. Schedule an appointment with him today by calling 866-926-3831. If you live outside the Apopka region, you can find a VIPcare provider near you on our locations page.

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